What are the pieces and board made of?

The pieces are made from sheets of marine grade 30% post consumer HDPE or milk jugs. Marine grade means years of indoor or outdoor fun! The board is an easy to fold and stow sheet of black poly-vinyl (plastic) weave with sewn on white squares of the same material. We're hunting for a post consumer source. 

How long does it take to get my Big Chess set?

From your order it will take a few days to set up processing, then make them, the quality control, then ship? So 1-2 weeks. You can always email and say my favorite person's birthday is soon... please speed it up.

What are the rules of chess?

Here you go:


What do you recommend for storage?

An easy to carry Tupperware medium size bin fits 1 chess set and board.

Is Chess & Co. open to licensing the design?

Of course! The more people playing chess the better. Just email us at info@chessandco.com with "Licensing" in the subject line, with a note of how and we'll get right back to you. Just after this move, it's our turn...